Bringing Veteran dedication to our community's excavation needs.

Semper Fi Excavation is a small veteran-owned, family-operated business.

Nate is a Veteran of The United States Marine Corps; who worked in construction before enlisting in 2003. After four years in the Marines, Nate worked as a Millwright for ten years before starting his excavation company.

To honor Nate's military service, he and his family chose the Marine creed "Semper Fi," which translates to "Always Faithful."

"Always Faithful" speaks to them as a family and entrepreneurs.

Fun Fact

Our graphic designer did not need to look far for inspiration for our brand. They saw a Veteran's Day gift Nate's daughters gave him. With the help of Nate's wife, they took a scan of his daughter's handprint from that artwork and vectorized it! Our brand reveal was a special moment!

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