Need a Dirt Driveway?

Ask about our driveway grading services in Duluth, Hermantown, Esko, MN, or Superior, WI

Adding a reliable parking area to your property doesn't have to be difficult. If you're looking for a team to take care of your driveway grading needs in Duluth, Hermantown, Esko, MN, or Superior, WI areas, get in touch with Semper Fi Excavation.

You can trust our team to grade, compact and backfill for your dirt driveway. We can add a new driveway to your property or refresh your existing dirt driveway. To find out more about our driveway backfilling services, call 218-343-7231 now.

The easy way to set up your new driveway

When you call us for driveway grading services, we make sure every step of the process is as straightforward as possible. Our team will...

  • Meet with you
  • Schedule a date to begin work on your new driveway
  • Start the preparation and grading process for your driveway
  • Ensure your new driveway is level and compact
  • Perform the driveway backfilling process

Our team will make sure you're completely satisfied with our work before leaving for the day, and we'll make sure to clean up after we've finished working on your driveway. Schedule driveway grading services from us today by sending our team a message.

Have a blacktop driveway with potholes or heaved areas?

Semper Fi Excavation can dig up these areas, put down good base material, compact, and use a cold patch asphalt to give you back a smooth driving surface